My 2k instagram giveaway

Hello my beautiful lady’s

I really needs to apologize with all of you, I have no excuse to abandoned my blog. As you guys know I work 2nd shift and sometimes I don’t have enough time but I keep up with my instagram and I really wants to share the good news here on my blog. I hit 2,000 followers on Instagram which it’s great. When I started posting makeup pictures I wasn’t sure of where I was going but during the time. I realize that makeup makes me very happy. I enjoy every picture I create every night when I get home tired with 0 energy I seat on my vanity and I enjoy it so much that i can’t even express myself. I’m super happy and I decide to create a beautiful giveaway for my followers and friends 1 beautiful person will win a big giveaway here is the list of what I include.

1.)real her,be limitless blush kit

2.)the vintage Cosmetics -Smokey eye brush st

3.)bath&body works-mimosa & mint hand cream

4.) Mac cosmetics – liptensity lipstick shade claretcast

5.) pure cosmetics sharpener

6.)cosmetics brush cleaning mat

7.)the original mini makeup eraser

8.)pink pewter curling mascara

9.)Paris Hilton 5pc false lashes

10.)Pur Cosmetics anti aging créme

11.)Michael kors belt bag (Fanny pack)

12.)impressions vanity mirror

13.)revive blending sponge + travel case

14.)bio republic aloe rescue revitalizing fiber sheet mask

15.) vio republic pomegranate crush illumination fiber sheet mask

16.)tatcha aburatorigami japanise beauty papers

17.)Marc Jacobs daisy eau de toilette sample

18.)Giorgio Armani si eau de perfum sample

19.)lano company clear makeup bag

If you want to participate just stop by my instagram and follow the rules as simple as that thank you guys.

xoxo 💋



Hey my lovely friends!!!💁🏻‍♀️

today is a very good day to talk about the tools that a lot of people don’t know much about it so I decided to create this blog to show you guys as quick as posible how to use makeup brushes. There are so many brushes and so many uses that it can be quite daunting and hard to know where to start.  But once you learn it’s definitely worth it, so let’s begin with a list of the most common makeup brushes and their uses. this brush is designed for applying liquid foundation. Foundation brushes have tightly packed bristles of varying lengths to help achieve a smooth, non-streaky finish. You can apply foundation to your face and then use the brush to spread and blend or alternatively apply your foundation directly to the brush and then apply to the face, starting at the nose and working your way out.

1.) It applies your foundation more evenly and precisely.

2.)You don’t waste any foundation on your fingers.

3.)you don’t have to wash your hands after all.

The powder brush is one of the largest makeup brushes and has a wide variety of purposes. It is soft, full and rounded, allowing it to easily pick up powdered products. Super soft and smooth finish after all. You can use it to distribute powder evenly to large areas, such as the face and neck.

A stippling brush, also known as a duo fibre brush or skunk (black & white) brush is a multi-purpose brush that is most commonly used with liquid foundation, blush and bronzer. The black bristles are tightly packed together and usually made out of animal hair. Poking out above these are the white bristles, generally made from synthetics.

The flat, circular, feathery head provides lightweight and buildable coverage that won’t remove any of the makeup you’ve already applied, so it’s perfect for

layering. I also like it for apply powder highlighter.

Don’t be afraid to be creative!

contour brush Well this is the brush that can help you achieve it. The slanted bristles are intended to mimic the angle of your cheekbones, so it’s perfect for blending, highlighting and shading using a bronzer or contour kits.

concealer brush (little but powerful) Use this brush to gently pat on your concealer for smooth and flawless coverage. Whether it’s dark circles under your eyes, spots or discoloration, this nifty little brush will give you more control over those annoying imperfections. Also to clean up your eyebrows area. blush brush is made with fine, gentle fibres with a soft rounded head. It’s ideal for applying powdered colour to the apples of your cheeks and blending it up along your cheekbone. Smile to pop up your apples 🍎 🙈

fan brush my favorite brush whatsoever the flat fan brush is ideal for highlights and blend bronzer but I love to use it for my highlights and I use it all over my high cheekbones, Cupid’s bow my chin my forehead haha I use this brush all times.

And last but not least beautyblender

This tool is technology this tool is the secret to a perfect and flawless makeup Its colorful,bouncy and adorable lol more importantly,are you wetting it before use if you use it dry it doesn’t work the same way the magic is when you wet the sponge I personally love the sponge over the brush for foundation but please don’t forget to wet the sponge. Also I definitely use it for grabbing loose powder for baking purposes.

I seriously hope this help a little bit my dolls please don’t be afraid to be creative xoxo 💋

El vive Hair mask by L’Oréal Paris (review)

Hey guys welcome back to my blog,

today I want to talk about a product that I received for testing purposes complimentary I participate with Influenster’s and they send products for free for reviewing. Which is awesome 👏🏽 who doesn’t want free stuff lol.. well so here is my final thought 💭 after I use this hair mask for over a month. I normally wash my hair twice a week with my shampoo and conditioner, I use el vive hair mask and honestly I like it. L’Oreal Paris Color Vibrancy Intensive Post-Color Repair Mask is both powerful and luxurious. This intensive post-color repair hair treatment smooths and protects hair color and is specially formulated for dry, damaged hair I highly recommend this product if you have a dry or damaged hair.

(Too faced)Chocolate gold eye shadow palette review makeup look and swatches

Happy Thursday my lovely friends

Everything is been pretty well so far. Im so cold apparently this winter so far is the coldest winter for the last 100 yrs … wow !! that’s insane isn’t it. But I’m here to show you guys my swatches, makeup look and last thought about the new Too faced Metallic / matte eye shadow palette made with 100% natural cocoa powder and REAL GOLD wow (REAL GOLD) this palette drew me in just for the packaging in the beginning. I was so impressed of the details and the melted gold embedded on top of the chocolate bar that I was like mmm I need this palette in my collection. The palette has the typical chocolate bar semi- format of 16 shadows (2 extra large). 13 with shimmer and three that are matte. The formula seems very creamy and buttery offer soft, velvety Infused with there signature chocolate scent they smell so good I tempted to taste it lol. I’m super happy with my purchase I use the silver color on the palette to create a beautiful cut crease and I start creating my eye look first thinking of the fallouts, but the formula of the eyeshadows is so creamy that doesn’t fallouts at all. here is my eye look that I created using the matte and shimmering colors.

I highly recommend this palette if you love bold makeup looks specially for night out life style. The palette is retail for $49.00 at



And you get special gift 🎁 at ulta

Get it girl XoXo 💋

Toofaced clover palette

Inspired by Jerrod and Jeremy’s mini Chihuahua

Hey beautiful friends welcome back!

As you can see I been a little disconnected with my blog. during this busy time of the year. The factory has been doing great, that means I been working like crazy. 😜 but if we don’t work we don’t make money. haha! I miss you guys so much, I was trying to post something but I always I have excuses . 😇 but anyways I decide to talk about of this incredible eyeshadow palette from

the eyeshadow palette is inspired by clover the toofaced ceo little doggie. to celebrate 🎉 the launch of the Clover palette they donating $250,000 to Best Friends Animal Society. awesome!!!👏🏽 I get so much inspired by the eyeshadow palette because I have a little dog 🐕 and she is my best friend literally I can not picture my life with out a dog. 🐶 I love them so much, the eyeshadow palette features 18 brand new matte and shimmer shades in exclusive clover and friends packaging.

the colors are super vibrant and absolutely stunning they have some transitions shades and I love the packaging. The only thing doesn’t smell but that’s fine to me this eyeshadow palette is a limited edition and retail for $49.00 I hope you guys like it

XoXo 💋

Dose of colors (holibae set)

Hey dolls💁🏻‍♀️

I’m as always very happy is Wednesday and the next 4 days I will be off of work ready to eat turkey and have a very good time with the family this holidays. Thank you God, Well recently dose of colors came up with such a nice deals on there liquid lipsticks. Specially because we almost on Christmas 🎄 wow!!!!! I can not believe we almost at the end of 2017, that’s crazy time fly’s. I pick the holibae kit the set I didn’t buy it for myself I actually bought it for my mom. The set includes Liquid Matte Lipstick has a velvety high fashion matte finish which envelops lips in rich, long wearing color.Set includes 3 shades (FULL SIZE)

1.)Bittersweet (orange red)

2.)Strawberry Pop (strawberry red)

3.)Extra Saucy (deep red)they are so beautiful 😍 and they dry very quickly and super soft im so in love here some swatches this collection is only $29.00 witch is not bad dose of colors have the best liquid lipsticks formula out there vegan and cruelty free 🐰 also they have a nude set and a lipstick set I hope you guys like it

XoXo 💋

My Makeup expired?

Hey baby’s💋 

I’m back!!! Is almost Christmas wow and I can not wait to decorate my house and stuff. (Back to the blog) lol. I just want to talk about something that I consider very important! expiration dates . Makeup lately is super trendy and we all wants every single eyeshadow,liquid lipsticks, concealers,blushes and of course highlights lol but…. every product has an expiration date. Unfortunately nothing last forever. Old makeup loses its quality and can even cause irritation and infections if it’s used past its expiration date. There’s a tiny symbol on your cosmetics and skin care items that tells you how long your products are safe to use after you’ve opened them. every company has the most beautiful packaging whatsoever and honestly I believe 79% of us buy the makeup just for the packaging that’s why I try to control myself and not buying every single item on the market for example I don’t like to have more then one foundation open at the same time. I always try to use one at the time. makeup can be very expensive and we will end throw out.

When stored under optimal conditions, unopened can last a long time. Optimal conditions entail a cool area free of sunlight and high temperatures. Wash your brushes at least twice a month the bristle catch a lot of dust and also bacteria that’s why is very important to wash the brushes very frequently. Also beautyblender.  

Meet the PAO Symbol:
Most products have a Period After Opening (PAO) symbol as shown in the image above which acts as a guideline for when you should throw out a product after you’ve opened it.The symbol includes the letter ‘m’ which stands for month and a number before the letter ‘m’ (which stands for the amount of months), i.e. ‘6m’ means that once you’ve opened a product you should realistically stop using this product after six months. Other products like eyeshadow palettes last 24m 


1.)Apply your makeup with clean hands. 

2.)always wash your face right before you apply your moisturizer.

3.) use a little spatula to apply your moisturizer.

4.)don’t let anyone use your face tools such a brushes,beautyblenders and moisturizer.

5.)storage your makeup on a cool area.

6.)clean your brushes twice a month 

7.)Keep the eyeshadow palettes in the boxes. 

Well my dolls I really hope you guys enjoy this talk about that I know we all want all the makeup in this world but we really need to think of is worth it or not I love you guys see you soon 

XoXo 💋